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Need a townhouse inspection from a 5-star rated home inspection company?

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So, you’ve decided to purchase a townhouse because…

  • You want to build equity instead of paying rent…
  • You dislike your landlord…
  • The words “commute” or “traffic” don’t excite you…
  • You’re no Bob Villa or John Deere…
  • You like having a fitness center on the premises…
  • The doorman “Skip” is rude and the best at the same time…
  • Or because you like to be part of a community environment. Whatever the reason you’ve decided to purchase a condo versus a house is great, but we want to make sure you get it thoroughly inspected before you do.

That’s why it’s critical to choose a service like ours. We have many years of experience paired with extensive training to know exactly what to look out for. If there are problems, we’ll find them for you. Our townhouse inspections are done by NJ Licensed Home Inspectors that include a report with pictures included.

 What is a townhouse inspection?

A townhouse inspection is a comprehensive evaluation of the townhouse by a qualified professional. It is designed to inform you of the condition of the property, the life expentancy of its major systems. A townhouse inspection will give you “the big picture” of your decision, the estimated maintenance and cost of repairs.

 How long will my townhouse inspection take?

A basic townhouse inspection will depend on the size of the house, its condition, and age. Generally speaking, a townhouse inspection will take around one to two hours on average.


Should the buyer be present at their condo inspection?

In one word, definitely! The townhouse inspector will give you valuable insight into the townhouse as you go through your inspection. Some issues with townhouse inspections are best pointed out with the customer and the inspector together.


Why do I need a townhouse inspection?

Purchasing a townhouse is a big decision for everyone. It is very important to know as much as you can before making a decision. A townhouse inspection can save you time and costly repairs as well as give you a good understanding of the townhouse’s condition before you buy.


What does a townhouse inspection include?

The townhouse and all of its major structures and systems will be inspected. This includes the condition of the townhouse’s plumbing and electrical system, heating and air conditioning system, patio, kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, appliances, walls, doors, windows, flooring, and all visible structures within the unit. An on-site report will be generated for your inspection and digital pictures are included.

Sample Inspection Report!

What happens if something is wrong with the townhouse that I was not aware of?

Our inspections are designed to give you an overview of the condition of the townhouse. If a major problem turns up during the inspection the buyer may try to negotiate with the seller. It is best that the buyer have a townhouse inspection in order to avoid discovering needed costly repairs after they move in and to ensure they make a good investment. For the seller it is important that they know the condition of their condo to avoid this surprise as well.

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Need a townhouse inspection from a 5-star rated home inspection company?

We are here to help with your townhouse.