Structural Home Inspections

We perform a detailed structural inspection of every home. 

The key components that we inspect during the structural portion of each home inspection are the foundation, floors, walls, columns, piers, ceilings, roof structure and attic. We also check for signs of abnormal or harmful water penetration into the building as well as signs of abnormal or harmful condensation on building components.

We report on the type of foundation: Masonry Block, Brick, Rock, Poured Concrete, etc.

We report to you  what the Columns and Piers were made of: wood, concrete, brick, masonry block, steel columns, and/or steel jacks.

What is a structural inspection?
A structural inspection is a detailed report of all the aspects of the structure’s integrity.  We will inspect the slab or pier and beam foundation, inspect the interior walls, exterior veneer, and roof system.

What are possible structural issues?
Possible structural issues include sagging roof systems, lack of gutters, slope of the yard / improper grading, sagging / cracks main beams and girders, cracks / differential displacement of the foundation walls, termite infestation / damage, water/ moisture penetration through foundation walls, and a tree’s root system being to close to the foundation.