This service provides you with an onsite inspection (verbal only) to confirm the seller has repaired all of your requested items.

About Us

Arch Home Inspections in NJ

Our homes serve as places of shelter, relaxation and security. On average, we spend most of our time in our homes and while at home everyone feels safe. However, there are some shortcomings from different parts of a house that may extremely pose danger to your life and your loved ones. Not everyone is knowledgeable on all the components that make up a house, and some of these hazards may go unnoticed for a long period of time. At home inspection in NJ we help you make you’re a home a very safe environment. We are a licensed home inspection company that helps buyers in acquiring homes free from potential hazards.

No doubt, the credibility of our company is attributed to our huge commitment at ensuring everyone acquires a safe home. We have a host of hugely talented and professional architects who strive to provide our clients with detailed information on home inspection in the shortest delivery time. We pay attention to every detail in our inspections to ensure that no defect goes unnoticed in every home.  Our good experience and background in the industry makes us better placed at ensuring that every home our clients buy offers them with many years of safety, comfort and happiness.

There are several components of a house that should always be inspected for any defects. These include exterior, roofing, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, interior, insulation and ventilation. At our company we have professionals in all these fields to ensure that we capture every defect that may arise from any part. We also leverage the best trends in technology to ensure that we are very accurate in our findings.

We value our clients and our range of services are designed to offer them optimum levels of convenience. If looking for home inspection services, worry no more because we will always provide you the ultimate solution.


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