Vision, Mission, and Values

Established in 2014, Arch Inspections is an inspection company that delivers a professional level of service by licensed architects, and the best inspections money can buy through high-quality inspection reports delivered in the most efficient manner.

Here is our company’s vision, mission, and our core values which we strive for each day.


To remove our client’s property related anxieties through thoughtful and transparent conversations.


Arch Inspections was founded to help property owners understand their existing property through the eyes of registered architects.
As architects, we have been through a rigorous education process to fully understand building systems while also being trained to reveal a property’s future potential.


Cooperate with everyone.

Can anyone buy a piece of real estate by themselves? We doubt it.

Real estate transactions are never completed in isolation and transactions are often fulfilled by a multitude of people (buyers, sellers, realtors, attorneys, inspectors, local authorities, and so many more). As inspectors we are only a small part of the process, and need to work together in order to move the industry forward harmoniously.

Be curious without regrets.

Is the property’s symptom you are seeing part of a bigger problem? Probably.

Behind every sense of curiosity lies the potential for great growth & a learning potential. Never settle, and always be curious unapologetically.

Respect every person we connect with.

Ever have an interaction that just ruined your day? Of course.

As hard working people, sometimes we run into individuals who just make the day seem never ending. That sucks, and often makes life less enjoyable for everyone. Instead of putting others down, let’s respectfully share our opinions so we can rid this world of selfish people. Make it a point to respect everyone, and it will return to you threefold.

Stay transparent at all times.

Did you ever get an unexpected (& unwanted) surprise? Parents are definitely saying YES. 😊

It probably didn’t feel great, and we think the only way to prevent this is by being 100% transparent, always.
Note: This is also a two way street; meaning if you are not 100% transparent with everyone an unexpected surprise is on the horizon.

Zen is the way.

Did you ever walk into a busy restaurant hoping to find a peaceful place, and instead finding a constant stream of noise & distractions? How annoying..

That’s the real estate industry every day, and our job is to provide a sense of calm and peace if only for that one moment (the inspection stage).

Does this sound like we’re the perfect team to help you with your property?
If so, email us or give us a call.

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