Warning Signs in New Construction Home

Warning Signs When Buying A New Construction Home Buying a newly constructed home is stressful. First off, you usually can’t walk through the home of you are buying it from a floor plan. And its always under construction when you walk through it so your questions may be answered with, “We will take care of … Read more

How to handle Home Repairs During a Divorce?

Divorced couple argue over home repairs

With divorces on the rise, a common situation that appears with divorces is when there is one spouse that handles the home improvements. For example, one spouse could have spent some money to upgrade a home roof. In such a case you need to ask if the spouse will be reimbursed or not. To determine … Read more

Does my condo need a home inspection?

condo home inspection nj
Are you buying a condo? You should get a home inspection, also known as a condo inspection. Even though a condo typically has less maintenance and responsibility for the owners, condos can experience a lot of the same issues that single family home inspection can. Instead of talking about it, we wanted to show you ... Read more

How much does a Home Inspection Cost in New Jersey?

Ordering a New Jersey Home Inspection,is one of the most important parts of shopping for a home. Your home inspector is your trusted advisor who will check the overall condition and quality of the home you before you buy it. So how much does a home inspection cost in New Jersey? COST The average cost for ... Read more

COVID-19 and Home Inspections


COVID-19 and the new standard of care for home inspection attendance We have been in contact with several other large home inspection companies throughout the country as well as here in New Jersey, and we’re all in agreement; the new COVID-19 standard of care is to have the home inspector perform the home inspection alone. … Read more

Egress Window Sizing?


One of the most common questions we get from clients, specifically clients with small children about egress windows – more precisely, “Is there anything wrong with my window size?” If you live in an older home, there’s a good chance that none of your windows meet today’s egress requirements. Try this simple quiz below – which … Read more

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